Lisboa Story Centre

Memories of the City

Reduced Mobility

Reduced Mobility

Exterior Zone

  • Surrounding Area: Pedestrian Zone. The floor is regular in Portuguese sidewalk or marble.
  • Parking: No reserved parking. 

Interior Zone

  • Check-in: The entrance has a ramp to suppress a slight step. The door opens inwards.
  • Reception: The service desk is not downgraded. It is the receipt which will be delivered the Audio-guide and explained its operation. The move into the space of the exhibition is made through automatic barriers.
  • Exhibition Halls: All the showroom is available. There are some ramps to facilitate in some gaps. The floor is always regular. The Audio-Guide has a built-in GPS system that only activates according to moving around the room. Many of the spaces are interactive and its interactivity is provided to persons with reduced mobility. Existing interactive displays make possible the approach side and is mounted 85 cm from the floor. There are 2 floors. Access to the top floor is by elevator. The lift only allows entry of a wheelchair at a time. The elevator door allows access to a wheelchair up to 80 cm wide and the elevator has a depth of 112 cm and is equipped with controls accessible and Braille. On the top floor there are 3 rooms that can be reserved for the development of events (workshops, meetings, etc..).
  • Shop: Access to the store is done through gates with automatic opening. The storefront space and is available throughout the store. The exit of the exhibition is made by the store and present a degree of about 5 cm.
  • Earthquake room: There is a projection of a film about the earthquake of 1755 in a distinctive room. Access does not present any difficulty. At the exit there is a ramp with some slope.
  • Adapted toilets: Sliding door with a width of 83 cm. A toilet with 48 cm ground clearance has a removable bar and a fixed. Basin allows frontal approximation and is equipped with a tap of a button. The hand dryer is mounted at a height accessible. Peripheral alarm mounted 60 cm above the ground. The space toilet allows rotation of a wheelchair in 360.